Mascot was founded in 2001. We have a wealth of experience and offer a full range of creative skills. We’re down to earth and easy-going. We listen intently, speak plainly and welcome any challenge with enthusiasm. 


Our Team

Mascot carries no excess baggage: all members of our team are qualified designers with more than one string to their bow. Our collective abilities neatly dovetail to cover all the services of a fully integrated agency – including strategy and project management.

Our Method

We keep it simple. First we get to know you and gain a clear insight into your business and what you want to achieve. We don’t try to teach you your own game, but we do challenge when we think we can add value to your objectives. Equally, your feedback on our work is vital to the process. This way we generate ideas together that are both bright and effective. 

We take pride in creating work that wins for you. Five steps make this possible: 


To fully understand your requirements, it’s vital we know your business and background inside out, so expect a thorough grilling. Your objectives fire our imagination and collaboration sparks ideas.


Where appropriate we shake things up a bit. By avoiding the predictable and producing the unexpected we create ripples. In challenging your brief and exploring different angles we help you make a bigger splash.


With the direction agreed, objectives defined and imagination sharpened we get stuck in. At each stage of the design process, from scribbled concepts through crafted drafts to highly finished visuals, we embrace your feedback to develop and finely tune the end result.


Having something attractive to show is pointless if no-one sees it. Whatever the scope of the job, we’ll suggest how you might deliver your message to ensure it creates a buzz with the right audience.


When a job’s done we don’t ride off into the sunset. We want to be a long-term extension of your team. Helping you monitor and measure the impact of our work gives us the insight we can use to plan your future brand-building activity.