Nando’s Menus


In Nando’s, the menu is a lot more than a price list with a nice cover. It’s an expression of brand personality with a distinctive style and a unique tone of voice. Over the years we’ve themed, designed, illustrated and written copy for many Nando’s menus. 

Making it easy for customers to navigate an extensive menu without losing their interest is the aim. We master the art of doing just that – with elements of fun thrown in too. Nando’s main menus, dessert menus and even kids’ packs have all benefited from our expertise.

copywriting / illustration / print / food and drink


“Nando’s have enjoyed an incredibly fruitful relationship with Mascot, spanning seven years. Over this time, they continually produced some of our most innovative and memorable pieces of work spanning all aspects of print and digital artwork. As an agency, they are a pleasure to work with. Small enough to be nimble, but with design skills which punch far above their weight. Everything they create is well considered, beautifully crafted and precisely executed.”

— Rob Montgomery, Group Head of Brand Experience at Nando's