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The Food Foundry shapes raw startup concepts into polished, well-run food businesses. Preparation space, professional mentoring, marketing expertise and a full support network: The Food Foundry provides everything... including the kitchen sink.

Mason and Jay were inspired to start The Food Foundry when they couldn’t find an incubator in the UK able to provide the kind of support they needed to get their own food business ideas off the ground. They took a trip across the Atlantic to seek advice from Washington incubator The Union Kitchen. Its methods and principles impressed them so much that they parked their original plans, forged a partnership with Union Kitchen and brought its business model back to London... The Food Foundry was born.

Because Mason and Jay’s entrepreneurial spirit is matched by their belief in sharing and networking, The Food Foundry has become more than an incubator – it’s also a collaborative community of passionate foodies, a catalyst for growth and a champion of local culture.



Mascot’s alliance with The Food Foundry began when we designed a smart new identity and website for them.

The logo is created by two Fs interlocking to form one solid F – as if cast in a foundry. The squares created represent the four stages of the solution package that The Food Foundry provides. A selection of patterns is used to fill the squares in a variety of combinations depending on the application – for example The Food Foundry’s ‘My Local’ subsidiaries.


The same patterns also provide a versatile graphic device to use in backgrounds and to give photographs a distinctive Food Foundry style.


Mascot is proud to be a Food Foundry support agency providing design and marketing services and mentoring for start ups and early stage food businesses.