No news is bad news


No matter how many employees your business has or how far flung your locations, a magazine or newsletter is an effective way of bringing them closer. Much more than a way of delivering company news, a magazine can also engender a sense of family among your employees while delivering important messages that influence their attitudes. People generally like to know what’s happening in the company they work for and want to feel connected. By sharing the activities of one department with your wider organisation, a magazine is able to instigate collaboration and inspire team spirit.   



Successful employee magazines typically comprise a balance of fun social content with important company news. The tone should be casual, and it’s good to include as much employee-generated content as feasible – contributions can be elicited through competitions or requests for feedback. 

To generate the familiarity that encourages regular readership, your magazine should have a consistent format with regular features and columns. And, most importantly, the magazine should look appealing with lots of pictures and a lively, well-designed style... cue Mascot. 

Designing Nando’s employee magazine for many years has given us valuable insight into what makes this form of communication work.